Episode 26: Love Your Body, Love Yourself with Marla Mervis-Hartman

Marla_gorgeous_editedMarla helps women to honor and appreciate their bodies. As creator of Love Your Body Love Yourself she assists women to find a “YES!” to the question “Do you Love Your Body?”

As a Living Light Reiki Master for over 10 years, she enthusiastically practices and teaches Reiki. Marla empowers women to feel their juiciness. She teaches women’s tantra classes and yoga. Being a mother herself, she shares her passion of reiki to pregnant and postpartum mothers and teaches Mama Movement classes. As an artist, Marla’s on camera career has led her to numerous acting and hosting engagements, including the holistic healing talk shows; Pathways to Health, Transformational Travel and Voice America’s Radio Show, Live! Love! Thrive!

Facebook: Love Your Body Love Yourself

SHOW TOPICS: sisterhood, body image and sexuality, reiki, learning to love yourself, preverbal shame, masturbating, hot women, pushing away from pleasure, cultivating pleasure, self care for moms, taking time to heal, tantra, owning your feminine, relating to the masculine, women appreciating women

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Episode 19: Sexological Bodywork with Diego Wallraff

11006404_10206392700925009_6490101785732931730_nDiego Wallraff is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and somatic sex educator (from IASHS: the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in SF). He works with individuals & couples who are looking to enhance their sexual experience (remove shame and negative conditioning) explore what is erotically possible and help bring sensuality and intimacy back into their relationships and into their lives.Since working with sexual energy has such great healing potential, Diego offers a gentle and extra-caring approach for those who may have experienced sexual abuse and trauma. As a bodyworker of over 20 years Diego draws from various healing modalities to help clients navigate through their concerns in a safe and comfortable environment reach personal growth and sexual healing.

Facebook: Diego Wallraff

SHOW TOPICS: hands on sex education, breathwork, healing with sexual energy, pelvic release, mastering erotic energy, the body’s self healing potential, growing up in the catholic church, sex and relationship, tantra, sensual massage, finding your erotic voice, embodiment, adult sex ed, genital shame, the beauty of being human, awakening your body, sacred sexuality, living an ecstatic life, the danger of gurus, transformational sex, erotic exploration, following desire, open communication, BDSM, arousal, sound healing, role play

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